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Teacha! inspires Kenyan teachers

Teachers all over Kenya are turning to the Teacha! platform to find teaching resources for the CBC curriculum, learn about what other teachers are up to in their classroom, and find new career opportunities.


For teachers, by teachers.

View a 30-minute webinar by Kenyan teacher, Lilian Nyaranga, to see how Teacha! can support you.


Find CBC resources

Teacha! gives you an easy way to find quality Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) resources

Many of these resources are also available for free, for teachers to download and use.

What resources are available?

Curated resources for teachers in Kenya

Lower primary Term 1 CBC resources

This CBC-aligned collection will help you set your students up for a successful Term 1. There are plenty of resources to use in your lessons, including posters, worksheets, and flashcards.

Free CBC Resources for teachers

This collection includes free CBC resources created by teachers. These teaching resources are great for children from Pre-Primary to Upper Primary level and have been carefully selected to ensure that children are actively engaged.

Upper primary Term 1 CBC resources

Here’s a collection filled with fun, engaging CBC resources to help you prepare your lessons for Term 1. Your Grade 4, 5, and 6 students will enjoy interacting with these resources while developing core competencies.

Maxwell Kayesi

Hear from Kenyan teachers

‘Teacha! provides an opportunity for the Kenyan teacher to be part of a community that moulds and inspires best practice. It also allows them to showcase and earn from the resources created. Teacha! is a game-changer.’
Innovative Teacher of the Year winner Maxwell V. Kayesi HSC

Award-winning and trusted

Connect with teachers globally

Join the Kenyan teacher group for free and connect with local teachers and share thoughts, ideas, and tips to enhance teaching and learning in Kenya,

Make money selling your resources

You also have the opportunity to sell your resources you’ve already created and support other teachers while earning extra income.

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