This is a 5 part course based on the following definition of leadership: “Any individual who strives to embody and personify the vision and values of the institution, in a manner that inspires, challenges and encourages others to follow suit, while enhancing the experiences of their peers.”

This definition allows us to journey through the following 5 core principles:

  • Any individual: we all possess leadership capacity – we start with knowing ourselves as I ought to.
  • Striving: this is a journey to better where we value effort over perfection
  • Vision & values: the address that we are leading people towards
  • I-C-E leadership: how do we inspire, challenge and encourage others?
  • Enhancing experiences: how do we create a greenhouse like environment for people to thrive within?

The effectiveness of this course lies in your desire to delve deeply into the content. To wrestle with the principles and to make them come alive within your context. This course is part academic but mainly practical. Please seek to learn, apply, re-learn and repeat.

Enjoy this journey of laying a solid leadership foundation that will help you maximise and then realise your leadership potential.