About the course

This self-paced, dripping-tap course is for teachers who are concerned about integrating technology or who would like to integrate technology more into their lessons but are not sure where to begin.  It is a 9 month journey! A real-dripping tap of edu tech information.

This self-paced course is designed to inspire and equip you with skills to traverse the integration of technology into teaching and learning.

Each topic is there to encourage you to explore, play, read and learn about aspects of technological integration.

There is a topic activity to complete, as you consider the pros and cons, 

or how you might integrate or improve the integration of technology into your lesson.

A course with a difference

This self-paced, dripping-tap course is over nine months. 

It is different from other courses! 

There is a series of nine (9) topics. Every four weeks a new topic will open. 

No matter when you begin, the course will open at the beginning, and the next topic will open in four weeks time, from the previous topic.

The idea is to give you time!

Time to explore, think, play and reflect on each topic!

You are expected to investigate, evaluate and reflect on the content presented and see how that might influence your teaching and learning decisions.

Enjoy the journey of discovery and appraisal of technology integration.

The Nine Topics for the 9 months journey!

  1. Identifying Personal Barriers  
  2. Introduction to Digital Pedagogy
  3. Exploring Educational Technology
  4. Begin with where you feel comfortable – Start Small
  5. Effective Classroom Management with Technology
  6. Fostering Collaboration and Communication
  7. Assessment and Feedback in the Digital Era
  8. Personalised Learning and Differentiation
  9. Action Planning and Reflection

The Nine Topic Objectives

1: Identifying Personal Barriers

  • Reflect on individual concerns and barriers with regard to technology.
  • Explore the character of a teacher in this time of technological change.
  • Investigate the characteristics of a teacher and how they influence my teaching

2: Introduction to Digital Pedagogy  

  • Understanding the benefits of integrating digital tools in teaching in relation to pedagogical theories.
  • Explore pedagogical frameworks and their potential influence on your teaching – the teaching change frame, TPACK and Constructionism.
  • Investigate your opinions of the pedagogies related to your teaching practices.

3: Exploring Educational Technology

  • Explore and experience a range of digital tools and platforms
  • Investigate how the tools link to existing lessons and pedagogical practices within your teaching space.

4: Begin with where you feel comfortable

  • Explore and correlate your technological practices with your teaching
  • Express how to experiment with technology in your lessons or improve the use of technology in lessons.
  • Reflect on how to integrate the effectiveness of the technology in a lesson.

5: Effective Classroom Management with Technology

  • Explore strategies for maintaining a positive and productive digital classroom
  • Address potential challenges and solutions
  • Reflect on your observations, and continue exploring technology integration.

6: Fostering Collaboration and Communication

  • Investigate and potentially utilise online collaboration tools for student engagement
  • Consider ways in which to promote effective communication in a digital learning environment
  • Reflect on your teaching environment and technological consequences

7: Assessment and Feedback in the Digital Era

  • Investigate e-assessment, feedback and reflection within a learning space.
  • Explore digital assessment methods and tools how they might be used in the classroom, and the implications thereof
  • Tips and ideas about designing fair and effective digital assessments

 8: Personalised Learning and Differentiation

  • Explore how digital tools can assist in creating and tailoring learning to meet the needs of individual students
  • Investigate adaptive learning tools and how they could assist you as the teacher.
  • Reflect on the tasks and relate the learning to your own teaching space.

9: Planning Action and Reflection

  • Developing a personalised action plan for  continuing to explore the integration of digital tools
  • Reflect on the journey and take action.