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Becoming a More Equitable Educator

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  1. Unit 0: Mindsets and Practices for Equity Teaching
    12 Topics
  2. Unit 1: Seeing and Valuing Individuals through an Equity Lens
    10 Topics
  3. Unit 2: Seeing and Valuing Students Through Asset Framing
    11 Topics
  4. Unit 3: Seeing and Valuing Differences though Challenging Conversations
    12 Topics
  5. Unit 4: Addressing Equity in a Community Context
    12 Topics
  6. Unit 5: The Lifelong Work of Equity Teaching
    10 Topics
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Unit 0: Mindsets and Practices for Equity Teaching

Welcome to Becoming a More Equitable Educator: Mindsets and Practices!

Becoming a more equitable educator is a lifelong pursuit. In this course, we want to help you take a few steps along that journey. Here’s what we’re hoping that we can do together:

  1. We’ll reflect on our thinking and reasoning, and we’ll learn about a set of “educator mindsets,” drawn from the work of Rich Milner, to help us attend to sources of bias and inequality.
  2. We’ll then use these new educator mindsets to think about “equity teaching practices” — concrete, actionable things educators can do to help culturally diverse students to thrive. We’ll learn about these practices by visiting teachers across the country, hearing from experts, and reflecting on our own strengths and effective strategies. We’ll try things out in “practice spaces” — digital simulations that let us rehearse for and reflect on challenging moments in teaching. 
  3. We’ll envision this work as both urgent and lifelong. We’ll develop practices and approaches that we can start using right away, and we’ll commit to continuing to learn about research, mindsets, practices and strategies that can help us serve all of our students better.