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Becoming a More Equitable Educator

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  1. Unit 0: Mindsets and Practices for Equity Teaching
    12 Topics
  2. Unit 1: Seeing and Valuing Individuals through an Equity Lens
    10 Topics
  3. Unit 2: Seeing and Valuing Students Through Asset Framing
    11 Topics
  4. Unit 3: Seeing and Valuing Differences though Challenging Conversations
    12 Topics
  5. Unit 4: Addressing Equity in a Community Context
    12 Topics
  6. Unit 5: The Lifelong Work of Equity Teaching
    10 Topics
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In this section, we’ll ask you to write a short note to yourself reflecting on your motivation and goals.

Throughout the course, you will be completing activities and assignments to reflect on your context, deepen your learning, and practice using ideas from the course. We recommend using a course journal to collect your activities and assignments, as well as any notes from the course. 


Reflective writing is a great chance to set your intention for this course and for your work. Write a letter to yourself in your course journal that addresses some of the following points:

  • Your motivation: What were your goals in taking this course? What are you hoping you’ll be able to do at the end that is a challenge right now? 
  • Your strengths: What attitudes, talents, or aptitudes can you bring to this work that you think will help you succeed? 
  • Your concerns: Becoming a more equitable educator is hard, sensitive work! What questions, concerns, or worries do you have about engaging in this work or taking this course? 

Now that you’ve established your intentions and concerns, reflect on how you might start to address them: 

  • Your community: With whom can you share your work in this course? With whom can you share your excitement, challenges, and new ideas? 

Weekly goals: When do you plan to do the work in this course (what days in the week)? How many hours? How can you hold yourself accountable? (Electronic reminders? Accountability buddy? Updates to your professional learning network?