First Name

Teacha! Inspire – Jenna

Last Name

Jenna Swano


she/ her


I started my teaching career in a high school but quickly figured out that I was more cut out for upper primary, so after two years I moved to Grade 5. It was a big jump, but I never looked back.

I found my happy place in the senior primary where I was a teacher and Department Head but I was really at my happiest when I was working with teachers.

In 2020, I co-founded a company called SupportEd. Our mission was to support teachers in South Africa through relevant and accessible professional development. In late 2022, I emigrated to the UK with my family and joined the Teacha! team as the Head of Professional Development.

Now I’m able to take our mission to a whole new level!

Grades I teach or have taught

Grades/ Years 4 – 7, Grades/ Years 8 – 12