20 Reasons Teachers are GREAT!

Let us be the first to say, “HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION MONTH!” We hope your students and schools are spoiling you rotten.
To show our appreciation for all you do, we’ve compiled a list of 20 reasons why teachers are GREAT. Prepare for an ego booster of note.

  1. You don’t accept failure: Teachers will always find a way to reach a student. Learning difficulties are seen as a challenge to overcome, rather than a problem. And the outcome? Success.


  1. You are a role model: “My teacher, my hero.” Teachers are a figure of encouragement and guidance. We help our students see the best in themselves.

  1. You inspire: Students who are inspired by their teachers can accomplish incredible things. Teachers motivate their students and build relationships with them that last a lifetime. These bonds are never forgotten.


  1. You mould future generations: We know you’ve heard this one before, but it’s still a goodie. We are shaping the minds of tomorrow. Wow!


  1. You are often a child’s second mom or dad: As teachers, we guide our students towards better and smarter life decisions. We help them realise their purpose and reach this.

  1. You deconstruct the box: Teachers constantly challenge their students to think outside the box and reach new heights.


  1. You are creative: Teachers have endless amounts of creativity. We are able to turn old history lessons into exciting tales of might and valour. And the things we can create with laminators are just astounding.


  1. You unite: On a daily basis, we break down social and cultural boundaries. Can’t we all just get along?


  1. You care, deeply: Teachers love and care for all their students, even (or especially) the tricky ones. We don’t just educate our students, we make them feel safe.

  1. You see the whole child: Teachers do not just see a room of empty minds. We see a child made up of multiple parts that all need attention – physical, mental, spiritual – the works.


  1. You are more organized than you think: Yes, our desks might be a ridiculously large pile of books in need of marking, but we still know where everything is. Our lesson plans are sometimes done months in advance and the goal of the day is always clearly mapped out.


  1. You are self-sacrificing: Teachers constantly put the needs of others above their own, from Saturday sports matches to Thursday night culture evenings. Being thrown up on doesn’t even phase us anymore.


  1. You are humble: Teachers just get on with their work. We don’t need praise, we just want to make a difference.


  1. You are a cheerleader: Teachers are energizer bunnies! We are side-line cheerleaders to all our students for their every endeavour.

  1. You are a protector: Students trust their teachers to the moon and back. When they are in trouble or being bullied, we are often the first to know and swoop in to save the day.


  1. You are resourceful: Teachers make the most out of every lesson. We are able to teach a hundred lessons using just a piece of paper and a single paperclip.


  1. You are fun: Did someone say World Book Day? Teachers are always the first in line when it’s dress-up day. We make lessons fun. And ultimately, a fun lesson is a memorable one.

  1. You define multi-tasking: Teachers mark tests, design worksheets, manage playground duty, control a class of 30 active students, problem solve, coach netball and attend two-hour long staff meetings – all without breaking a sweat.


  1. You are smart: Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach. Need we say more?


  1. You shine when your student succeeds: The glowing pride teachers emit on prize-giving evening can be as blinding as the sun. We are happiest when our students are happiest.

We are extraordinary humans, some would even say superhumans. We hope you read each reason above and felt proud. Spread the Teacher Appreciation Month love by sharing this with another teacher.

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