Snapplify and FNB Collaborate for Success

Snapplify and Ebucks for Parents

Navigating the educational landscape as parents and caregivers often means balancing financial constraints with providing the best opportunities for our children. In South Africa, the cost of education continues to rise, with school fees alone posing a significant financial burden, not to mention the additional costs of stationery, extra murals, sports, textbooks, and supplementary educational materials. Snapplify and FNB have partnered to offer a solution that alleviates the financial burden while ensuring every child has the resources they need to thrive. Through this partnership, FNB eBucks customers spend only R299 to enjoy access to books and teaching resources valued at R799 – saving R500!

Snapplify: Your One-Stop Bookshop

Snapplify epitomizes convenience and accessibility. Whether your child needs prescribed textbooks or simply enjoys reading for leisure, Snapplify offers a comprehensive solution. With a diverse selection spanning all ages, grades, subjects, and genres, you can purchase all the books you need from the Snapplify shop. Say goodbye to navigating multiple lists, shops, and platforms – Snapplify is your one-stop shop for all book needs. With the ability to purchase all textbooks from one place, you can save valuable time and effort.

Promoting Literacy and Cultivating a Passion for Reading

In addition to textbooks, Snapplify promotes literacy and encourages a love for reading that extends beyond the classroom. With access to a diverse range of books, including storybooks, bestsellers, classics, and educational materials, you can foster a culture of reading at home, enhancing your child’s cognitive development and academic performance. With access to their favourite books at their fingertips, children are inspired to explore new worlds and broaden their horizons.

Teacha! Resources: Supporting Learning Beyond the Classroom

Learning doesn’t stop at school. Teacha! Resources has thousands of educational materials to support your child’s educational journey at home. Whether your child needs extra assistance or simply enjoys engaging in educational activities, Teacha! has a range of supplementary resources, including worksheets, summaries, practice tests, exams, and more for every age, grade, and subject.

Snapplify and FNB Save You Time and Money

As parents and caregivers, the ultimate goal is to provide our children with everything they need to succeed. Snapplify and FNB eBucks are here to support you in that endeavour. By taking advantage of this partnership, you not only save money but also invest in your child’s future, providing them with all the tools and resources they need to thrive academically and beyond.

To save R500, visit the eBucks store and purchase an e-Voucher. You can find more information about saving on education products here. Or, if you’ve already taken advantage of this offer, find out how to redeem your voucher here.

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