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Sticcit and Teacha! Resources and Inspire

Get easier access to all your favourite resources with Sticcit and Snapplify! We’re very pleased to announce that getting your hands on all your favourite curriculum-aligned teacher resources is now even easier. Using the D6 connect app, you can complete your purchase using your Sticitt Pay wallet. What’s even better is that you can also use Sticitt Pay to get access to professional development courses and webinars available to you here on Teacha! Inspire as well as all your favourite teaching resources via the Teacha! resources platform.

That’s right – just another way we’re making sure you have everything you need to have a successful year in the classroom.

What’s even better is, now that Sticitt is integrated with Snapplify, you can use your Sticitt wallet to also pay for any Snapplify products, from books and supplementary resources on the Snapplify Shop or Snapplify Engage, as well as your teaching resources and courses on Teacha!

Simply click here and jumpstart your success: Teacha! Resources and Teacha! Inspire.

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