5 Free Apps that Change Your Life As a Teacher

Smart teachers use smart technology.  The ability to access technology allows teachers to streamline their workload, keep accurate data on their learners, and provide their learners with educational materials that are engaging. There are thousands of apps out there that can make teaching easier, but many of them are very expensive.  Here are 5 amazing free apps that are game changers.
One of the greatest struggles teachers have is organization.  Between planning, grading, time instructing, and meeting with colleagues, there simply isn’t much time left for managing files. TeacherKit is a great management system.  Gone are the days when learner data has to be on paper. Teachers can upload their learners into the app and complete daily tasks with it. Teachers can use this app for attendance, keeping track of grades, and monitoring the progress of their learners.  You can even create seating charts with it.
ClassDojo is an app that helps teachers build a sense of community.  Teachers can use this as a behavior management strategy in which learners gain points for following directions, staying on task, working toward their learning goals, or any other criteria set by the teacher.  ClassDojo also gives a method of communication to the parents of the learners. The teacher and parents can share information throughout the school day. As learners earn points for positive behavior, the parents can see their progress.  
National Geographic Kids
Our educational system is quickly embracing a global perspective in which our learners need exposure to the world outside of our nation. National Geographic for kids offers bright, engaging, content for learners to read and explore. This app allows learners to access scientific or cultural current events around the world. While printed subscriptions are still purchasable, this app is free! For those that need more support, the text can be read aloud by a digital player embedded into the app.
Virtual Nerd Mobile Math
Need math support? This is the app for you!  Many teachers struggle to teach mathematical concepts to learners, especially learners who have difficulties understanding the concepts.  This app hosts an extensive library of video tutorials that teachers can use as models for their lessons, teachers can share with learners who need more support, or learners can access for homework help. No matter how difficult the mathematical level, this app provides video support.
StoryKit is a two in one tool that supports learners as they develop literacy skills. This app will provide practice for those learners who are beginning or developing readers by allowing them to read or listen to the storybooks on the virtual “bookshelf.” The second component, which makes this app amazing, it the ability to change the story.  Learners can add their own text to the pages, using the illustrations to create their own stories. This is a fantastic way to give a learner a creative voice by providing visual supports.
While apps such as these will not replace the importance of good solid teaching, they certainly provide tools all teachers can use to make the job a little bit easier.

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