7 Teacher Types You’re Sure to Find in Every School

We all remember our school days and the teachers who taught us. There were the good, the bad, and the…. well, let’s leave it at that. The memory of some of our past teachers still gives us a warm fuzzy while others we would rather forget. This is the thing – teachers have an enormous impact in every learner’s life.
Every teacher is different, having their own style and character and this is what leads us to being categorised by fellow colleagues and learners. Yup, there’s no getting away from it, we actually all do it.
So, obviously this begs the question: what type of teacher are you? Have a look and decide!
1. The over-organised teacher
“A place for everything and everything in its place”, that’s their motto. Over-organised? What’s that! They know where everything is and will notice even the slightest change. Their drawers and cupboards are super tidy so nobody must touch their stuff or there will be trouble. Oh, my goodness, they looove labelling, filing, laminating, and colour coordinating. They are a happy camper when organising.

2. The super teacher
This is the teacher that makes every other teacher look mediocre and ordinary. There is just nothing that is too much trouble for them. They are always positive, full of energy and immaculately dressed. They love to volunteer for school duties and are successful in all they do. Their classroom is vibrantly decorated, the car is clean, and all their work is up to date. They are pretty much an enigma to their colleagues who think they must have superpowers.

3. The cool teacher
Cool teachers connect with their learners. They understand social media and what is trending. It is important to them to keep up to date with what their learners are interested in, in the way of movies, games, apps, fashion or music. This is a sure way they amp up their coolness factor.

4. The stressed-out teacher
Everybody has their limits. This teacher has obviously hit theirs, considering the strained look on their face and crazy look in their eyes that says, “Go ahead, make my day”. One doesn’t want to mess with these hot-mess teachers. They have had enough of undisciplined children, demanding parents, paperwork, meetings and…and…

5. The fashion statement teacher
This teacher always arrives in style! They might not have the tidiest classroom or have everything together, but style makes up for that. There’s not a hair out of place and even when chaos reigns, they remain totally composed, cool as a cucumber! Maybe this type of teacher vents when nobody is around – we will never know.

6. The strict teacher
Teachers are here to teach, not to be buddies with their learners! They are hard on their students and expect them to act responsibly. These teachers set the bar high and believe that this will motivate their class to greater success. They actually really care for their students, however, they do send out the message: don’t mess with me.

7. The chillaxed teacher
This teacher is the complete opposite of the strict teacher. They are easy going and obviously well liked by all their learners. It could be said that they care more about what the students learn than what their actual marks are. They usually are good listeners and will cut the learners some slack. They still demand respect and the class knows this – they are not pushovers.

This list is by no means exhaustive but does give us a peek into the many types of teachers out there. So, which teacher are you?

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