7 ways study guides can help learners pass exams

At Pearson, we are passionate about learning and helping learners achieve the best results they possibly can. We partner with educators who are just as passionate about learning and inspiring everyone to go further. Written by expert teachers, X-kit Achieve offers a wide range of study resources to make learning, understanding and revising for exams easy and help learners reach their goals.
Here are 7 ways how your learners can use X-kit Achieve Study Guides to help them be exam-ready.
Study CAPS-aligned, quality content
All content from the curriculum has been summarised. Learners can read through the summaries to help them revise work covered in class and make study notes for the exams.
Read through step-by-step explanations
Concepts, procedures and methods are unpacked in a step-by-step manner to guide learners and help them understand content clearly.
Work through examples and solutions
By working through the examples and solutions learners will comprehend the different steps that should be followed to solve a problem. The examples and solutions will help them contextualise concepts and shed light on content they may be struggling to grasp.
Examine diagrams and tables
Annotated diagrams and tables visually illustrate concepts to enhance learners’ understanding.
Complete plenty of exercises
Plenty of exercises help learners to apply their skills and improve their knowledge. By doing extra exercises, they will become familiar with the way questions are asked and the way they must be answered, preparing them for tests and exams. Learners are able to check their answers with the memos provided to find out where you may have gone wrong.
Read the exam hints and tips
Hints and tips will guide learners on how to prepare for the exams, as well as detail any prior knowledge learners should revise for that topic.
Use the glossary
Key terms are highlighted and explained in context. Definitions are given in a detailed glossary at the back of the study guide to help learners understand terms and words they need to know.

More about X-Kit

Written by expert teachers, X-kit Achieve offers a wide range of study resources, including study guides, literature study guides, exam practice books and workbooks. Our study guides make learning, understanding, revising and practising for test and exams easy. X-kit Achieve also offers a revision app, X-kit Achieve Mobile, for that quick revision and practice on-the-go.
Our quality content helps you understand concepts step by step. Structured questions and exercises with answers enables you to practices, assess and improve your skills.
X-kit Achieve provides you with additional support via this website and our Facebook page. You can search subject glossaries for definitions of key terms, get study advice and tips, access quick revision cards and find the study resources you need to help you be exam-ready.

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