A Guide to Registering with SACE

PLEASE NOTE: the information provided below applies to qualified South African educators with a professional teaching qualification.

The South African Council for Educators (SACE) was established through the SACE Act (Act 31 0f 2000) in order to “enhance the status of the teaching profession” in South Africa

If you are a qualified teacher and want to teach in South Africa, then you must register with SACE before you can teach.

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you with your registration process.

1. Complete the registration application form

Firstly, you need to download and complete the SACE application form. The original of this document needs to be sent to SACE’s offices. You can download the form here.

2. Include the necessary documentation

Along with the application form, the following documents must accompany your registration:

  • Certified copies of your qualifications.
  • Certified copy of your identity document.
  • Police clearance certificate. You can find instructions on how to obtain a clearance certificate on the SAPS website.

NB: All certified copies must not be older than 3 months and only original certified copies will be accepted.

3. Include the registration fee

The SACE registration fee is currently R200 for SA citizens. This amount must be included either as an original postal order or cheque, NOT CASH. Alternatively, you can make a in cash or with your bank card at the SACE office.

4. Send your application

Your application must be posted to the address on the application form. You may not fax or email your application. Remember to include the R200 registration fee.

5. Wait…

Once SACE has received your application, it will be considered by the registration committee. They may request further information from you or even an interview.

When your application is approved, they will enter your name in the register for educators and you will be issued with a registration certificate via post. The waiting period is roughly 6 weeks.

6. And finally

Once you have registered with SACE, you will need to start earning points. Here is where SACE Points Guide can really help you. Not only are we a source of information for everything related to SACE points, but we are also a resource for earning those points. We have amazing courses available for you by which you can quickly clock off those 150 required points. Check out our awesome courses and pick your first one here.

Please note, this article does not cover all types of applicants. Teachers seeking provisional registration or non-South African applicants must please refer to the SACE website for more information.

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