A long-term e-learning solution

In 2020, as students and teachers around the world grappled with school closures, the Snapplify Free Access programme delivered millions of US dollars’ worth of free e-textbooks to students who needed them. 

But did you know that Snapplify has other e-learning solutions to help you harness the power of technology – both in your physical classroom and via remote learning?

Snapplify has been one of these companies, offering ways for kids to keep up with the curriculum from home. Through Snapplify Free Access, schools, teachers, and students could access thousands of top-quality educational ebooks, e-textbooks, teacher guides and supplementary resources.

But did you know that Snapplify has other e-learning solutions to help you harness the power of technology – both in your physical classroom and via remote learning?

E-learning for everyone

Making digital education a realistic option for everyone, no matter the location or infrastructure, has always been our focus. Engage – our award-winning e-learning and digital library solution – is available for any school, anywhere in the world, to use for free. This free version of Engage comes with:

  • The ability for teachers to share teacher-created, multimedia resource materials with learners. From video and audio content (e.g. a pre-recorded lesson) to written resources like quizzes, worksheets and notes, you can bring the curriculum to life with this feature, making learning more engaging and interactive.
  • A digital content library (with easy-to-manage checkout and auto-returns) comes with over 50 000 free and open-source resources, including study guides, e-textbooks, past exam papers for multiple curricula, children’s books in African languages and more. 
  • The ability for administrators to manage access and permissions for multiple student and staff accounts, making the e-learning experience easy, accessible, and safe for all users.
  • The Snapplify Teacher Benefits programme for teachers, giving registered educators access to a range of free and discounted resources. For the remainder of 2021, the well-known study guides by The Answer Series are available for free to teachers.

Everything in one place

We know that using multiple e-learning solutions can get messy and that’s why we’ve worked to meet teacher and learner needs with a comprehensive solution.

The Snapplify Reader app is like a school bag that can never be lost. Learners have everything they need to learn, study and succeed – all in one place – with all e-textbooks, study guides, or ebooks (whether borrowed from the digital library, or purchased via Snapplify), as well as any e-resources shared by teachers through Engage, syncing with the reader app. 

The Snapplify Reader also comes with additional academic tools that make e-learning fun and engaging, and provides accessibility features (including text-to-speech, large-print and dyslexia fonts). If a device is lost or stolen, students can still access all their educational resources, including notes and highlights.

You can use the Snapplify Reader app on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices (i.e. whatever device you or your students have access to), and access content at any time, even when you don’t have an internet connection. This means that if students go to school on certain days, they can make use of the school WiFi to sync their content and save on data costs at home.

<em>The Snapplify Reader app is like a school bag that can never be lost<em>

Sign-up and sharing are simple and seamless 

If your school is already using other learning systems, like Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams, your users can log in to the Snapplify platform using their Google or Microsoft accounts. For each user (e.g. teacher or learner), this seamless integration means one less online registration process, plus fewer passwords to remember. But most importantly, it means that you can continue teaching digitally and collaborating with students, without interruptions.

Within Engage, you also have the option to share links to important ebooks to Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom – making it easier for you and your learners to continue teaching and learning digitally.

An e-library to enjoy

After signing up for Engage, for free, your school can host their own digital library. Teachers and learners can borrow ebooks for a set period, by searching through thousands of titles themselves, or browsing through recommended collections.

Not only does a digital library eliminate the risk of books going missing or being damaged, but your school doesn’t need to stock the library upfront. Rather than purchasing books that may not be used, your e-library collection is built as books are checked out and the offering grows organically based on your school’s specific needs.

Since all books are accessed through the Snapplify Reader app, which works across a wide range of operating systems, there is, essentially, the potential for a school library wherever there is a computer or cellphone.

Get started

Thousands of schools have already begun to explore the numerous benefits of Engage. To get started, all you need to do is register online for free and your school can begin to enjoy the benefits immediately.

Alternatively, email hello@snapplify.com and our team will assist you with your specific e-learning needs.

Teacha! is part of the Snapplify group.

*Article updated 4 February 2021.

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