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School management, are you finding the pool of good teachers in shorter supply year-on-year? Well, the bad news is that you’re correct. According to research done by Stellenbosch University, the number of teachers leaving the system heavily outweigh the number of teachers entering it.

And the good news? Meet Teacha! Jobs.

Teacha! Jobs is a cutting-edge, highly successful online portal for education job listings and teacher recruitment. We are a leading job board for South African school related vacancies. Since our launch in 2018, we have gone from strength to strength and can boast of over 1,000 job listings during this time.

So, let’s get down to business. Why should your school be using Teacha! Jobs as your go-to for job listings and teacher recruitment?

Here are some reasons you should seriously consider:

1. Save a Slice of Your Budget

Let’s face it, budget is always top of mind. Are you still spending 1,000s of Rands on newspaper ads? In this wonderful digital age of ours, you can get 10 times the reach on online platforms for a fraction of the price of newspaper ads.

Using our platform will dramatically reduce your advertising expenditure, which is good news to any school management team! Our subscription fee is R1000 per year and schools can post unlimited vacancies.

2. Reach More Teachers Nationwide

Teacha! Jobs reaches thousands of teachers online. That means a lot of exposure for your listed job.

On Teacha! Jobs you have the potential of reaching 50,000 teachers through the Onnies Online and Teacha! network.  We can also actively reach out to the immediate area around your school to ensure the right teachers are found.

3. Get Set Up and Active with Ease

Simply sign up on!

4. Gain Exposure for Your Listing and School

The internet is the go-to search platform of today. Most younger teachers haven’t bought a newspaper in about… forever. PLUS, the internet is accessible to the entire country, where newspapers are only distributed in specific areas.

Teachers search Google for advertised posts. They also share these advertised posts on Facebook, which amplifies exposure. You need to be visible on this digital network.

5. Enhance the Power of Social Media

There is no denying that Social Media is a powerful tool to get your message out.

Vacancies are shared on our Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook pages.

Teacha! Jobs is undoubtable a port-of-call for teachers. There are many teachers looking for the right post to suit them and they are looking online.

School management, get onboard and upload your positions to Teacha! Jobs. You will quickly enjoy the benefits of finding exactly the right teacher for exactly the right position on your staff – all in one place and all with ease and convenience.

Visit to sign up!

Article updated 18 February 2020 to include new pricing and our updated platforms. 

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