Back to School Ice-breakers

A new classroom, with new classmates and a new teacher can be daunting for your new students. It can also be stressful for you to be surrounded by unfamiliar faces staring at you for the first time. 

Why not break the ice with some games and activities before getting to the serious stuff????: 

Number Recognition Bingo

Playing bingo with your class is a great way of interacting with your students and getting them comfortable in their new class! 

This number recognition game comes with 30 different boards so your whole class can participate! 

Download it

Foundation Phase Daily Fun Maths Games

Maths can be a scary subject to jump into! Cut the tension with a quick maths game before you start your lessons. 

Download it 

Race to the Top

Bring your students to the front two at a time to play this ‘race to the top’ reading game! 

Allow your new students the opportunity to bond over cheering for each other as they take turns. 

Download it

Yes or No Game

If you’re a teacher to foundation phase students, you know that it’s the simple things that get them laughing! 

Break the ice with these general knowledge yes or no flashcards that might even stir a chuckle!

Download it

Wackynix Swat a Bug Sight Word Game

Your learners will be having so much fun playing this game they won’t even know they’re having a lesson! 

To play, you swat the word you want your learner to read, or they can swat the words they are able to read. Keep track of the score by putting points into their jars. 

Download it

Don’t get too serious with your lessons before showing your new students that learning can be fun!

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