BRAND NEW Teacha! Magazine – School Safety Edition

While times have been uncertain, and schooling has definitely changed, one thing is certain… When we put our teacher-minds together and work as a community, we are stronger, and we can gain so much from each other. 

In the previous Teacha! Magazine, we tackled Remote Learning, and how teachers in South Africa and around the world have managed to keep learning going. Our next issue builds on this, showcasing what teachers are doing now that schools are returning. The issue theme, Safe Schools, also focuses on a topic that many find uncomfortable to engage with, and that is creating safe and inclusive environments for our learners. We look at an account of a black learner who endured racism at predominantly white school, how teachers are still excluded on the basis of race at schools and what we can do as teachers to be more aware of these issues. 

As always, the magazine is chock-a-block full with hot topics, imperative information, and the most amazing teaching ideas and resources from teachers – for teachers.

In this magazine, you will find:

????‍ Tackling racism in schools
???? An Anti-Racist Reading List
???????? Teacher Well-being
???? Teaching at Home
???? Making use of Choice Boards in your teaching
????????‍????‍???????? Mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on the schooling system
????????‍♀️ Managing Anxiety in Children
???? ECD Playing it SAFE

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