Class is in session – ice-breaking activities for kids

It’s back to school and back to reality.
With school having started after a long break, it’s probably a great idea to play a few games to jumpstart those little brains.
And no, we don’t have Twister in mind. These fun ice-breakers are great to play in the classroom and will help you to get to know your new learners.
D usually stands for “delicious” but today, “d” stands for “die” (singular for “dice”). You’ll need to download this template to get started. Print and paste it onto a board so that everyone can see it. Divide the class into groups of between 4-6 children. Provide each group with a die and ensure everyone gets a turn to roll. The learners answer the question their roll lands on – like ‘If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?’ or ‘If you could spend the day with one fictional character, who would it be?’. It’s super fun!
Thanks for the compliment!
This is a fun way to spread the love. With a safety pin, pin a blank piece of paper on the back of every learner in your class. Have learners write a compliment on every other pupil’s back. You can divide the class into small groups to make things easier. Once everyone has had a turn, they remove the paper from their back and read the lovely compliments they’ve received. You can join in too!
Numbers about me
Everyone has numbers that mean something to them. It could be the date of their birthday, their favourite soccer player’s number, their house number or any other number that is special to them. Start by writing 4 numbers on the board. This can be any number that is special to you. Ask the learners to guess why the numbers might be significant to you. Then, provide each learner with a piece of paper and have them write 4 numbers that relate to themselves. Now let them trade their papers with the person to their left. This person will have to guess what these numbers mean to them. Have fun!
Often, teachers are left with so much admin that it’s difficult to find the time to make their classrooms look inviting. Well, this game will help you teach your learners to be creative as well as make it known that their opinions are valued, and their voices are heard. Split the class into 4 groups. Then, provide them with stationery such as sellotape, posters, crayons, etc. Ask each group to come up with a goal for the year and summarise their goal into one word. Now allow them to write this word on a poster and decorate it as they wish. You can now put the posters on the walls and encourage your learners to be responsible for achieving their goals.
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