Classroom Games

School has just started and we are all still trying to get into the swing of things. Why not ease your learners (and yourself) into the school year with some class games?
The curriculum so often lends itself towards rote learning and textbook work. It is important to make time for free play and interactive activities that get learners engaged. Utilising fun classroom games is a simple way to encourage learners to draw on their imagination and creativity.
And who doesn’t like games?  Not only are they fun, interactive, and social, but they are also great tools for learning.
Enjoy this collection of fun, classroom games!

Quack Quack Game

This is a really simple and fun classroom game to entertain learners. Print out this template, cut and fold it into a quack quack, and you’re ready to go!
Download here.


Sight Word Card Game

This product is designed to offer a fun and engaging way to practice the third hundred sight words on the Fry Word List. It’s based on the popular game UNO.
While UNO is originally played with a deck of 108 cards, this set consists of 140 cards. This allows for more variety in the word options, giving you the opportunity to select the words that will best suit your lesson and learner needs. You can remove cards that you don’t want to use, or play with a bigger deck – allowing the fun to last a little bit longer!
Also included are:

  • Detailed game instructions
  • Action and wild cards with explanations

Download here.


Shape Bingo Game

This fun shape bingo game is great to help learners remember and learn the different shapes. Print, colour and laminate this for a long-lasting game!
Download here.


Alphabet Recognition Game

This is a two-player or small-group Connect Four Game, which will allow learners to see, identify and read the letters of the alphabet in a fun way. This set includes various layout options (with/without borders and pictures), depending on your preferences and the needs of your learners.
Game instructions and preparation suggestions are provided in the downloaded file.
Download here.


My Family Snap Card Game

To play this fun game, divide your learners into groups of 5 and give each group a pack of the “My family” cards.
The learners begin by putting a card from their pack on a stack in the middle of the group. This goes on, each round the player puts a card down. When two cards of the same family member land on the stack, directly after each other, any learner can say SNAP and the name of the family member.
The player who says SNAP first as well as the correct name of the family member receives the whole stack. The game is repeated until one player has all the cards. This player is the winner.
Download here.


Multiplication Game

This is a fun, printable game to practice mixed times tables in the intermediate phase. It is suitable for Grades 4 to 7.
Download here.


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