Classroom Management Tools to Set the Right Tone

As teachers, we need to set the classroom tone right at the start of the year. Poor classroom management undoubtedly increases our stress and burn out rate during the course of the year.
Paper planes flying through the air… Peashooters shot across the classroom… Learners shouting “WHO HAS A SPARE PENCIL??”… It doesn’t have to be like this.
A big problem in our schools is that teachers do not get the appropriate support to improve classroom management. Until this comes, there are some strategies that we can put in place to keep our classrooms on the straight and narrow.
Below is a collection of tools that you can use to improve your classroom management and keep chaos at bay. We hope these are helpful additions to your teaching toolkit!

Daily Routine Chart

This pack includes images of 13 different daily routines at a Grade R level. Each routine has a clock below it so you can assign different times to each activity.
Download here.


Positive Points Motivational Reward System

This point system motivates learners to perform by receiving points for positive behaviour. This reinforces that good behaviour.
Download here.


FREEBIE: Printable Class Rewards

These A4 free printable class awards are great to motivate and inspire your learners! You can hand them out at the end of a week, term or year.
Some awards included are:

  • Improvement in Afrikaans/English/isiZulu/isiXhosa/Setswana
  • Being reliable
  • Helpfulness
  • Participation in class
  • Excellent behaviour
  • And more

Download here.


Classroom Discipline System

A visual aid for learners to see that their behaviour has consciences.
Download here.


School Timetable Posters

These A3 posters have blank clocks with them for you to fill in the appropriate times. The four school times included are:

  • School starts
  • First Break
  • Second Break
  • School ends

Download here.


Sea Shell Behaviour Chart

Use this sea shell themed behaviour chart helps teachers with classroom discipline.
Download here.


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