Classroom Organisation Tools

The new year is in full swing!
As part of your 2019 resolutions, perhaps you have decided that this is the year that you will be better organised. We are all super very busy. So, being well-organised will definitely help us teachers save precious time and energy.
All teachers experience the load of endless marking, preparation and lesson planning. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, but if you keep on top of things, life will be sweeter. Staying organised contributes to a successful and happy teaching experience.
To get you’re A into G, check out this sampling of resources to help you meet your goals. From birthdays to décor, we have you covered.

Printable Class Jobs

Compile your class jobs with this easy to use printable resource and organise your class to the next level! Students will work more effectively, and less stress will be placed on you as the teacher as all students will know their role to play.
Download here.


Term Planning and Assessment Plan – Maths Gr. 4

Save a lot of time by downloading this complete Quarterly Planning and Assessment aid for Grade 4 Maths. This document consists of 10 pages and is compiled in Word, and is therefore fully editable. The Quarterly Planning is organized according to CAPS and is designed for Afrikaans schools with a high academic standard.
Download here.


Teacher Binder

This is an A4 2019 teacher planner PDF file. The set is very comprehensive and includes, amongst other things:

  • My visions
  • Birthdays
  • Class list
  • Learner info
  • Class register
  • Parent contact details
  • Learner observation forms
  • Teacher notes
  • Weekly lesson plan template
  • Year, months, weeks & days at a glance

Download here.


Birthday Charts

Keep track of all your learners’ birthdays with these monthly charts in Afrikaans, English and isiXhosa.
Download here.


Senior Phase Home Language ATP Tracking

This is a spreadsheet that tracks your curriculum coverage and calculates your percentage covered.
Download here.


Day File Planner

This is an editable Excel sheet in which teachers can record exactly which exercises and lessons they do every day. Keep records of which pages or worksheets you do each day and plan better for the future.
Download here.


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