Comprehension Activities

Without comprehension, reading is merely sounding out words. This robs the reader of understanding and implementing instructions, gathering information, or learning a new skill.
Functional illiteracy is a reality and it describes a person who can read and write but their reading comprehension level is so low that it affects their personal growth and daily living and work. In addition to this we know that all academic success depends on being able to comprehend and apply information, so it’s extremely important to spend time developing this foundational skill.
Browse through the following resources and find something that fits your learners or visit our website for many more reading comprehension products.

Reading Comprehension Worksheets Bundle

These are generic worksheets that can be used over and over and includes:

  • Book review
  • Character comparison and traits
  • Story elements and summary
  • Reading task cards

Download here.

Let’s PracticeOur Reading: 6-9 Years

This 45-page product requires your learners to read a comprehension and then retrieve facts, explain information and develop their own ideas as to what the writer is implying. There are also vocabulary exercises.
Download here.

Listening Comprehension: Gr 8-10

This product will help develop your learners’ listening skills. The story is read only twice and then questions need to be answered.
Download here.

Farm Animal Theme Reading Comprehensions: Gr 3

This comprehension set includes seven passages with two question/activity sheets to go with each passage. All the stories are fictional and where possible, have some moral lesson to be learnt.
Download here.

Comprehension Practice Papers: 9-12 Years

The theme of this product is “At the stroke of midnight” and consists of practice comprehension papers in a booklet form. Learners will read one text and answer the questions before moving onto the next comprehension. There are 3 texts and 3 sets of questions in each booklet.
Download here.

Reading Comprehension: My Cat Tim

This packet can be used for emergent and early readers. You can read the book out loud and the learners can practice responding orally. The mini-book includes short sentences with many repeated words to help build confidence and fluency.
Download here.

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