Free Clipart Packs

There’s nothing that captures a learner’s attention faster than an appealing image. That’s not rocket science! But it can take hours to find the right image or to try design your own image – hours that us as teachers simply don’t have to spare.
So, to save you all those hours, we’ve compiled this AWESOME collection of downloadable clipart packs! Whoop whoop!
Let’s face it, there is something very boring and uninspiring about a plain worksheet or parents’ letter. So, jazz them up with your favourite clipart and see the tremendous difference it makes. They can really take the grr out of grind!
Enjoy this selection of the clipart we have available. You can also browse our website for many more options.


This pack has 73 images (25 in colour, 24 in a light line black and white, and 24 in a dark line black and white) to keep learning homophones fun. The images are saved at 300dpi in transparent PNG files.
Download here.


This set contains 80 images of 16 different shapes. Each shape is saved in 6 different colours – blue, red, green, yellow and black and white.
The shapes included area, arrow, circle, cross, diamond, heart, hexagon, moon, octagon, oval, parallelogram, pentagon, rectangle, square, star, trapezoid and triangle.
Download here.

Freebie – School Images

This pack of 10 school images is just the right thing to brighten up your worksheets or classroom.
Download here.

Freebie – Fun Animals

This product is packed full of 50 funny animals in fun costumes. They are vibrant and colourful with transparent backgrounds. Images include giraffe, camel, leopard, bear, fox, hippos, elephant and lots more.
Download here.

Freebie – Alphabet

There are 50 letter images in this product. A great resource to use in your classroom and add some colour to the learners’ work. Enjoy!
Download here.

Freebie – School clip art

12 fun images for you and your learners. These are all images of various school supplies.
Download here.

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