Flash Cards for Your Classroom

Flash cards are a very handy yet totally undervalued classroom tool.
Flash cards can be an excellent resource, especially when introducing new vocabulary, drilling familiar work or doing memory activities. They are simple and versatile.
As we all know, it is important to cater to all learning styles seated in front of us in the classroom. It is particularly important to reach visual learners as this is often a favourable learning style. Flash cards can be bright and colourful, which appeal to visual learners and encourage their learning.
If you’d like to try flash cards in your classroom, but don’t have the time to make them, why not download some from the Teach! website. Here’s some of our top flash cards:

CVC Flash Cards

Download 12 pages and 127 flash cards of common CVC words for learners to practice. Included are also 9 easy sight words. This is perfect to send home to reinforce CVC word recognition and increase fluency.
Download here.


IsiZulu Transport Flash Cards

This resource is made up of 12 transport cards, with three copies of each card. These cards can be used as flash cards or discussion cards where children can compare different types of transport. They can also be used to sort into land, water and air transport. This resource is great for games such as snap or memory.
Download here.


Phrasal Verbs Flash Cards

The phrasal verbs flash cards pack contains 27 A4 flash cards. Flash cards included are blow up, dress up, drop off, figure out, hand in, hand out, hang up, look after, make up, take after, try on, turn off, turn on, wipe off, get along, get away, get down, get in, get into, get off, get on, get out of, get out, get over, get rid of, get together and get up.
Download here.


Frog Life Cycle Flash Cards

This pack includes flash cards for each stage in the frog life cycle. A picture and word in ABC junior font are used. Arrows have also been included if this is to be used on a wall. Lastly, there is a worksheet which can be used as a consolidation task.
Download here.


Colours in Xhosa Flash Cards

This pack includes 3 x A4 PDF downloadable sheets with 4 flash cards on each. 11 standard colours are given in Xhosa.
Download here.


Preposition Flash Cards

This pack of flash cards focusses on English prepositions. There are 8 cards, A5 in size. It is best to laminate the cards for durability.
Download here.


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