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A history teacher is a storyteller who can bring the past to life. History doesn’t need to be an endless stream of seemingly unconnected dates and occurrences that send your class into a stupor.

Noooo! History is fascinating and useful.  Here are 7 reasons why history is awesome:

  1. It helps us understand the world – it lets us know who we can thank for the fact that we have cars and computers
  2. It teaches us about ourselves – our origins and heritage
  3. It gives us insight into other cultures – every culture today has its foundation in the past
  4. It gives us perspective and wisdom – it is a tutor for the future
  5. It helps us understand change – it gives us insight into why change has been necessary
  6. We learn about world events – history is full of real drama, action and emotions. It’s a story of life
  7. History repeats itself – we can learn from other peoples’ mistakes

History is meaningful and gives us a lot to think about. We have put together some resources for you to browse through to incorporate in your history lessons. Enjoy!

History Sources

This is a slide show explaining the uses of sources in history and includes:

  • Explanations of what sources are
  • Explanations of how sources are used
  • Questions for class participation

Download here.

The Cold War: Gr 9 Term 2

Learn all about the Cold War with this product. Included are 2 summaries in slideshow format.
Download here.

Learning from Leaders

Use this product to teach your learners about two great leaders, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. It also includes the opportunity to elect a class leader with a fun, printable activity.
Download here.

Transport Through Time

This presentation covers just about every mode of transport, from animals and Arab dhows to the modern forms of land, water and air transport. Enjoy using these with your learners:

  • 7 printable activity sheets
  • 12 homework sheets
  • 9 extra activities for a bit of fun in the classroom

Download here.

Egypt: Gr 5 Term 3

This is a beautifully illustrated product covering the topics of:

  • The Nile River
  • Life in Ancient Egypt (including Social structure)
  • Tutankhamun
  • Spread of Egypt’s advanced knowledge to other countries

Included are PowerPoint slides and a PDF summary.
Download here.

Kommunikasie: Gr 4

This product will help you teach about communication through the ages – radio, television, telephone, camera and more. It has colourful pictures to make the lesson interesting and engaging.
Download here.

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