How to make money from your teaching resources

Everyone wins 

As a teacher, we know you create your educational resources as a labour of love. But since you’re already devoting so much effort and time (a rare commodity!) to create your own resources, why not sign up as a seller on Teacha! and get paid for your hard work? Apart from the monetary reward, you’ll also be helping so many of your fellow teachers and parents by sharing useful material that helps students succeed. Sounds like a win-win situation.

Since the platform supports multiple curricula, you can upload and sell any teaching resource you’ve created – no matter where you are. And if the curriculum changes, our community of teachers can create and share new resources quickly and easily, benefiting everyone.

How it works

Teacha! is an online marketplace that has thousands of resources made by teachers, for teachers. You can sell any digital resources on your Teacha! store, from visual presentations and interactive lessons, to worksheets, lesson plans, assessments, flash cards, and clip art – you name it!

And the sign-up process is really simple. We’ll offer all the support you need to turn your resources into great online products that come up easily in search results and encourage downloads by customers. 

Here’s some things you can look forward to when you sign up as a seller on Teacha!:

  • Our dedicated team will support you every step of the way, working closely with you to make your store a success.
  • You earn 65% of your total store sales.
  • There are zero risks: There is no registration or membership fees, and you won’t be charged to set up a shop, upload and share your resources. 

Grow with us

Teacha! was started by a teacher before being acquired by leading edtech company, Snapplify in 2020 – a testament to how the platform has flourished. Through this partnership, thousands of Snapplify schools have easy access to Teacha! too.

But don’t just take our word for it, consider other Teacha! sellers’ experiences.

Juffer from Juffer se Klaskamer says:

‘I created my Teacha! online store in March 2015 – initially with only a few products, but new items have been added or old ones have been updated to create a variety of materials for Afrikaans and English learners in the Foundation Phase.  

Starting the online shop was simple and easy, with the support of the owner who always ensured that the process remained streamlined. With good marketing strategies by the team, a steady flow of visitors and clients have been a blessing. It has been six years of steady growth and the personal touch from the Teacha! team has been wonderful.’

Ruth Blatt from Klein Pikkewyn adds: 

‘Thanks to the Teacha! platform, I started my own business three years ago and now also have my own online store. If not for the Teacha! platform, I do not know if I would ever have had the courage to start my own business and online store. Their platform is user friendly and they are there when help is needed. Thanks Teacha!’

We’re continually growing and since 2015, we’ve paid out millions to sellers. As we grow into new regions, we’re also actively looking for curriculum-aligned content from all over the world.

As a teacher, we want you to thrive and grow with us. Sign up as a Teacha! seller today and become part of a community of teachers that empower and uplift one another.

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