How to Make the Most of Your Term 1 Holiday

What do you have planned for the first term break? Maybe the thought of planning anything makes you feel queasy, and you’d rather do absolutely nothing – which is perfectly fine!

However, it’s quite easy to watch the days pass you by, and by the time term two comes around you feel you’ve missed out. That’s why we put together this list of ideas and activities you can totally do over the break.

Teachers, here’s how to make the most of your holiday:

Life after dark

The holidays are here – no need to head to bed at 09:00! Here are a couple ways to explore your city after dark:

  • Step movie night up a notch – go to an open-air cinema
  • Gather your friends and hit the rooftop bar
  • Have a feast fest at a street food market
  • Go out to dinner with friends or family
  • Go to the theatre and watch a show


The holiday is only so long, so we’re not suggesting a trip across the pond. But you can take a day drip out of your area, or book a weekend away. Do some research and find out what’s out there! You may have an adventure only 2 hours away from your doorstep!


When was the last time you had “me” time? We’re not just talking about sitting in a bubble bath with a glass of vino in hand (although you should totally do that). We’re talking about ticking off the checklist you made for yourself last year. When was the last time you went to the dentist, or got your eyes checked? Or had those split ends seen to? Now’s the time to sort that all out!

See your friends

Friendships are important, and it’s good to seek positive connections when you can. Gather the gang for a catch up at a shisha nyama or have a beach day – whatever you want to do! – and find those good vibes.

Sleep in

Enough said. Switch that alarm off!


If you’ve been neglecting your physical health during the first term, we don’t judge you. It’s tricky getting back into the routine of things! The break is the perfect time to start a healthy routine to take with you into the rest of the year. It doesn’t matter if you’re an outdoor adventurer or indoor gym goer – just get active!

Visit a museum

Take this opportunity to expand your cultural experiences by visiting a museum or art gallery. It will be so refreshing to walk around an exhibition without having to do a head count!

Whether you’re planning to stay in and relax with a magazine or venture out, we hope you have an exciting term 1 holiday. See you in term 2!

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