Life Skills Resources

Life Skills is very often met with mixed reactions by learners, parents and even teachers. But it is, in fact, a very necessary subject in our society.
Life Skills is the one subject that prepares learners to become responsible adults that not only know how to tie their shoelaces but also know how to integrate successfully into society. It teaches children skills so they may live a better and more fulfilling life. We might not be able to give them every skill to cope with what life will throw at them, but we can give them a good foundation and the confidence and courage to face each day.
Check out our list of Life Skills resources that will help you tackle this subject.

Self-Awareness Journal

This product allows learners to explore their self-awareness through a weekly activity in a journal.
Download here.

All About Me: Gr R – 1

This product will help your learners practice writing sentences and drawing as well as learning vocabulary. There is also a rhyming game included.
Download here.

Lewensvaardigheid Opsommings: Gr 5

Daar is opsommings oor die volgende onderwerpe:

  • Veiligheidsmaatreëls by die huis en in die omgewing
  • Water is ‘n belangrike basiese behoefte
  • Eet Gesond
  • Plaaslike Gesondheidsprobleme
  • MIV en Vigs
  • Die misbruik van middels

Download here.

Fit-4-Sport: 13 -15 Years

This is a useful Fitness Training Guide and includes the following:

  • General Exercises: push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, bench steps, skipping, dips
  • Running Schedule: 1-9wks
  • Cycling Schedule: 1-15wks
  • Swimming Schedule: 1-12wks

Download here.

Life Skills: Gr 3

This book is filled with 32 fun activities to make your lessons interesting and teach learners about pollution, safety, recycling and more.
Download here.

Veligheid in die Natuur: Gr 7

Hierdie pak sal jou help on jou leerders die antwoorde op sommige baie belangrike vrae oor veiligheid in die natuur te leer bv:

  • Wat om te doen as ‘n by jou steek?
  • Hoe om ‘n by te vermy
  • Wat om te doen as ‘n slang jou pik?
  • Hoe om ‘n slangbyt te vermy
  • Wat om te doen met bloeding.

Download here.

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