Listening Skills Resources

A student’s ability to listen has a significant impact on their capacity to learn! If they haven’t practiced these skills from a young age, it will result in major struggles later on in their schooling career, as well in their social life. 

Now is the perfect time to work on listening skills with your students. While COVID-19 is at its peak, class activities and assessments like these are ideal to avoid one-on-one contact. 

Roll and Retell

Test your learners’ comprehension, speaking, and listening skills with this fun, interactive game. 

Read your class a story of your choice and pick a question for your students by rolling the dice yourself. 

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Gr2 Listening Skills and Phonics 

Reading and listening go hand-in-hand. For a learner to develop their reading, they’ll need the necessary listening skills to sound out words. 

This package includes word cards, sound cards, and reading cards, as well as a lesson plan.

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Home Language Listening Comprehension 

Use your learners’ current interests to test their listening skills with this sport themed resource. 

This package comes with a Goalcast video based on Kobe Bryant, questions to test higher-order thinking, and a memo. 

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3-in-1 Listening Test Bundle

This bundle comes with 3 tests ideal for high-level and first-additional language ranging from Gr8 – Gr10. 

The story topics covered are: The History of Tea; Is it Dangerous to Eat Hot Peppers?; Glow-in-the-Dark Mushrooms

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Higher-Level Gr12 Listening Comprehension

Improve your Gr12s higher-level listening skills with this cognitive analysis comprehension and memo. 

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Listening Assessment – Pets With Credit

This listening development resource will leave your learners in stitches, and with a message on how to be responsible with money. The pack comes with the video link, 20 questions and their answers. 

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After a long holiday from school, your students will most likely be distracted. Start your term with a couple of listening activities to get your class focused and prepared for the new year!

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