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It’s never too early to start teaching our learners about the value of money and how to handle finances. The onus is on us adults to model sound financial habits because you can bet your bottom dollar (hopefully your finances will never reach this point! ????) our learners are watching us. Some children were asked particular financial questions and their answers are quite revealing.

  • Q: What is a credit card used for?
    • A: To swipe. If you don’t have money and the credit card does, then you can buy stuff.
  • Q: When a person is older and they finally stop going to work, how will they pay for things like food, a house or a car?
    • A: They get if from other people, like their grandson.
  • Q: If a person wanted to buy a new car and didn’t have all the money needed to buy it, what would they do?
    • A: Get a bike. You could get one with a basket on the front and put your stuff in there

Funny, yes, but clearly our learners need appropriate financial education! We have gathered some resources below that can support your efforts to teach your learners about money. Good luck!

How to Teach Young Kids About Money

These worksheets are in line with a free YouTube video and introduce children to coins and notes. They will also learn money sums and about saving.
Download here.

Afrikaans is Easy: Geld/Money

WOW@Afrikaans Is Easy! are printable booklets where students can learn to read and write Afrikaans vocabulary and use it in short sentences. This book series was created to give students the opportunity to learn, practise and gain confidence in the Afrikaans language.
This Book is all about “geld”.
Download here.

Money Worksheets

This product consists of 22 pages of money talk, including amongst other things:

  • coin recognition (cut and glue the coins in the right place)
  • counting coins
  • counting change
  • calculating cost and change needed

Download here.

Money and the Economy Project: Gr 8

The money and economics project is a Word document in both English and Afrikaans.
Download here.

Wiskunde Geld: Gr 3

Hierdie produk bestaan uit 5 bladsye in PDF format.
Download here.

EMS: Gr 7

This bundle covers terms 1-4 work. Topics include savings, budgeting, entrepreneurship, income and so much more.
Download here.


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