Mother’s Day resources

Mothers…where would we be without them? Certainly, we would not have even been born so surely that must be the first reason to celebrate our mothers! Mothers hold each family together and are the emotional backbone of the family unit.
They are your nurse, teacher, counsellor, comforter, coach, chef, manager, taxi driver, your biggest fan, magician, storyteller and a myriad of other people all rolled into one. She is the one that “kisses and makes it all better” and will forever remind you to keep warm and eat all your food. ???? Many mothers make tremendous personal sacrifices in order to raise their children and should be celebrated, honoured and held in high esteem. They need to be told often how much they are appreciated and loved.
Mothers know everything, so don’t be fooled…They are always way ahead of their children!
We have a selection of products for your learners to use to make their mothers feel special and loved on Mother’s Day. Pick your favourite one!

Mother’s Day Poem

This is a very cute poem to use for a Mother’s Day activity. Included is a full set of instructions explaining how to use the poem and make it unique.
Download here.

Mother’s Day Card

Send the best Mother’s Day cards home with your learner’s mom’s favourite tea! This teapot card is easy to make and is available in black and white, or colour.
Download here.

Gelowe, Spesiale Daeen Vakansiedae

This package consists of 30 wall charts packed with information on different religions, holidays and special days. Topics such as Christmas, Easter, Hinduism, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Workers’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Ramadan are just a few examples of is included. There is a brief description of each special day as well as a picture for association.
Download here.

Moedersdag Deurhanger

Your learners will have fun decorating this door hanger template as a Mother’s Day gift. It is in PDF format in English and Afrikaans.
Download here.

Mother’s Day Bundle

This product is an all-in-one Mother’s Day celebration. There are cards, flags, door cards etc.for your learners to decorate. It is sure to give their Moms great delight!
Download here.

Moedersdag Gedig: Gr R

This is a little poem that your learners can use to make their mothers feel special. Let them paste it onto a colourful card and decorate it for maximum awesomeness.
Download here.

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