Mother’s Day resources – let’s spoil Mom!

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and if anyone needs a little love and extra appreciation, it’s our students’ moms. With their kids running back and forth from home, to school, and home again for the last year, moms have been working overtime to say the very least! 

Here are some of our favourite resources you can work on with your learners to make their moms feel super special this Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day Resources 

These sweet Mother’s Day coupons are a perfect activity for learners from GrR – Gr5.

The coupons include a 15-minute back-massage, a dishes-free day and more.

WackyNix Mother’s Day Card

This creative card idea is so nifty to send home with your students to their moms. 

Get your learners to write a note, and then pop their mom’s favourite teabag in the card’s teapot pouch. 

Digital Resource – Mother’s Day Activities 

This package is all about celebrating your students’ moms! 

These colourful and editable worksheets cover: 

1. Creative writing  – How I Will Spoil Mom on Mother’s Day

2. Creative writing  – 5 Ways I Will Spoil Mom on Mother’s Day

3. Mother’s Day poem to be written in a card

4. Creating your own poem using provided words

5. Crack the code activity

6. Chores spinner activity 

7. Information about Mom

8. Describing your mom using all the letters in the word M-O-T-H-E-R

Clip Art – April Freebie (Mother’s Day)

Download this freebie resource with 47 Mother’s Day-themed clip art images to decorate your classroom and learners’ worksheets! 

Beary Love Template

Get your learners to practice cutting and pasting with this resource that will make mama-bear feel extra loved this year! 

Mother’s Day is not only an opportunity for our students to show some love to their moms, but for us to show appreciation to the moms for collaborating with us this year to keep our learners on top of their education!  

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