Nelson Mandela Day: Appreciation resources

To celebrate Nelson Mandela this year, use these informative but fun resources to walk the younger generation through the never-to-be-forgotten life of South Africa’s most iconic leader:

WackyNix Nelson Mandela

This resource includes two colourful posters that will give students a glimpse into the life of Nelson Mandela and what he did for our country. 

South African flag 

Unlock creative thinking with this South African flag activity. 

This resource invites learners to think about what each of the colours of the South African flag means to them, and what Nelson Mandela’s journey meant for the country. 

Nelson Mandela prepared speech

This is the perfect resource for teachers who need to assess their students’ oral skills. 

Get them to learn this prepared speech about Mr Mandela so they can grow their knowledge of South Africa’s history while practising their speech skills.  

Nelson Mandela booklet

This 25-page booklet is made up of worksheets and creative ways to learn about Nelson Mandela. This is the ideal resource for primary school learners to get to know our history while they enjoy cutting and pasting images.

Nelson Mandela high school unit study

This resource is designed for high school students and will give them a thought-provoking glimpse into the life of a leader who will remain South Africa’s most important public figure.

It’s our job to ensure Nelson Mandela is a name that continues to echo through generations to come. These resources will help you establish the importance of this man’s life with students. 

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