Offline Interactive Learning Platform Launches in South Africa

Education in South Africa is moving in a digital direction at an extremely fast pace. With the improvements of internet connectivity, lowering of data costs and the accessibility of PC’s and technology in most schools (including the lower quintile outlying areas), teachers are searching for digital learning services that offer them the capacity to focus on their students and better their teaching days.
Even though more SA schools now have access to the internet and modern technology, there is often still the need to teach in an offline environment with not much technology on hand. Before now, an interactive learning solution without the need for an internet connection and expensive technology was unheard of in South Africa.

MyPedia – a brand you can trust from the world’s learning company

You’ll probably recognise Pearson‘s well-known Platinum and Focus textbooks, X-kit Achieve study guides and Smart-Kids workbooks. But now, Pearson have decided to venture into new territory. They have used their extensive knowledge gained from years of working closely with schools to build a teaching platform designed to work in any South African classroom environment.
To give you an idea of how much schools love their product offerings, here are just a handful of countless reviews Pearson have received from schools on SchoolAdvisor:

The first offline interactive teaching platform on SA soil

Introducing Pearson’s MyPedia – an interactive teaching platform for teachers to use in any classroom environment. Without the need for complicated and expensive technology, practically any teacher anywhere in the country can now create exciting and interactive CAPS-approved lessons to enhance their front of class teaching.
All you need to use the MyPedia platform is a USB device and a USB port on one PC/laptop.
This platform is the first-of-its-kind on South African soil and aims to bridge the gap between technology and effective learning and make front of class teaching as effective as possible.

Offline & Online – the best of both worlds

Another great feature of MyPedia is that it can also be used online. Students, parents and teachers alike can easily connect in one online space using the MyPedia app. The app features assignments, videos, interactive exercises, class chats, learner reports, and more.
MyPedia Offline Online
A world of learning is just a click away. If you would try this new game-changing teaching platform, simply click here to request a demo.

This post first appeared on SchoolAdvisor.

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