Our top 5 teaching podcasts

Teachers sometimes just don’t have the time to read up on the latest teaching pedagogies, the newest technological invention or even the ‘must haves’ that promise to transform the way we teach.

Teachers sometimes just don’t have the time to read up on the latest teaching pedagogies, the newest technological invention or even the ‘must haves’ that promise to transform the way we teach.

That’s why, here at Teacha!, we love podcasts.

They are short, informative, inspiring – and you can listen to them while driving to school or marking multiple-choice questions.

1. 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

Each of these 10-minute podcast episodes is jampacked with ways for you to become a remarkable teacher. From interviews with inspiring educators and top researchers, to teaching tips, practical ideas and edtech tools, there’s something here for you.

What we especially enjoy is that this podcast is always relevant. Vicki Davis is on air every weekday and has a lot of great things to say.

A few favourite episodes:

  • 3 Ways to Stress Less in Today’s Classroom
  • The 5 Minute Lesson Plan with Ross McGill
  • 4 Trauma Informed Principles for Educators Now

2. TED Talks Education

TED Talks are world-renowned. The fact that education gets its own focus in the form of TED Talks Education … well, that is just something special.

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading – and this is what they do in these podcast episodes. This particular podcast doesn’t have a set schedule (new episodes generally come once a month) but just because they aren’t consistent with their release dates, doesn’t mean there isn’t enough to listen to. There are over 100 podcasts to catch up on already!

Education-related TED Talks that made the most popular list (of all TED Talks) include:

  • Do schools kill creativity? (Sir Ken Robinson)
  • A love poem for lonely prime numbers (Harry Baker)
  • Help for kids the education system ignores (Victor Rios)

3. Teacher Toolkit

Teacher Toolkit is quite new to podcasting – but when you listen in, you wouldn’t think so.

These are longer episodes, ranging from 25 minutes to an hour a pop.

We love that Teacher Toolkit believes in different perspectives, so they often interview and host discussions with multiple people from different professions and phases in life. A case in point is the episode on inclusive hair policies, which includes personal childhood stories from an ABC news anchor (US), a professional ballerina (FR) and award-winning saxophonist (UK). These ladies may all be from different places, but their stories have defining similarities.

4. True Confessions with Lisa & Sarah

Being a speech-language pathologist or learning-support teacher is not an easy task, but podcast hosts Lisa and Sarah are able to bring humour to this area of education.

Great episodes include ‘I used to only take data because someone said I had to’, ‘I want to quit my job!’ and ‘I don’t sit around reading research all day’.

They also cover mental health and positive mindsets; have some real-life experiences and tips on speech therapy; and discuss how to help learners with apraxia and stopping the shame game. Episodes don’t have a set time, but are generally no longer than an hour.

5. FizzicsEd

A terrible spelling of physics – but a laugh nonetheless. The Aussies at Fizzics are all for STEM learning. Whether you are a Foundation Phase or a FET teacher, this podcast runs through all things science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

This is a truly terrific listen for tips, tricks, lessons and learnings in the classroom (and beyond!). We enjoyed the inspiring ‘Girls Day Out in STEM’ episode – all about a day in Australia that empowers young girls to choose STEM-related careers.

If you are a STEM teacher, this is definitely a good one for you!

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