Personalised Career Guidance with Yenza

The youth of South Africa are facing even harder times ahead as we enter into a post COVID world. Given that the economic outlook is negative, competition for what limited opportunities there are is only going to get harder.

The other economic realities are that job roles and skill requirements are changing fast, and as companies look to ride out the storm, they will be leveraging technology to automate wherever they can, to save on costs and increase productivity.

This raises the bar for our youth.

They have to up their game, and they will need a guide.

Yenza is set out to be that guide, with the first truly personalised online career guidance, development and placement platform for the youth of South Africa. According to Jared Molko, Co-Founder & CEO, who worked for Google for seven years in South Africa, London, Paris and Dubai, “We have built what we call ‘Smart Career Technology’ which adapts, responds and recommends pathway progression to individuals based on scientific methods of career and personal development.”

Yenza is a new and exciting entrant into the market, looking to service individuals purely online. He continues, “There are currently no online career platforms that can reach thousands of people on an in-depth personal level. You may find some off-the-shelf services trying to do this, but nothing based on real science. Yenza uses algorithms to analyse user data and then guides them along their particular pathway.”

Yenza is also the first platform to have real-time language translations in English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and isiXhosa, with more languages to come. Their mission is all about access and inclusion and their technology is built to achieve this. That includes being data-free!

Yenza is endorsed by Teacha! teachers.

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