Physical Education Lesson Resources

Back to school. Back to reality… Anyone else remember that TV ad jingle?
The 2019 school year is in full swing and holidays already feel like a distant memory. Our advice? Get outdoors with your class to keep those summer vibes going.
To help you, we’ve put together a list of Physical Education resources to use with your class. PE prepares learners for an active and healthy lifestyle after school, while also reducing back-to-school stress and improving self-discipline. To read more about the benefits of outdoor education, read this helpful blog.
Enjoy the collection!

Fine Motor Skills Activities and Checklist

A simple checklist to assess your learners’ fine motor skills development and some activities to assist with the development thereof.
Download here.


Fitness Training Guide: 13-15 years

This activity pack is aimed at learners aged 13 to 15. It includes:

  • General Exercises: push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, bench steps, skipping, dips
  • Running Schedule: 1-9wks
  • Cycling Schedule: 1-15wks
  • Swimming Schedule: 1-12wks

Download here.


Physical Education Health, Wellness & Fitness Program – JOG/WALK.SA – Gr.1-12

This jog/walking programme will help learners become fit athletes. Included is:

  • Explanation of the programme
  • Distance chart
  • Time chart
  • Platinum levels
  • Recording sheets
  • Certificates

Download here.


My Body in Action

This ‘My body in action’ activity is an art lesson that can coincide with the ‘My body’ Life Skills topic.
The lesson comes with full colour picture instructions (including handouts) to assist your learners draw and paint a picture of their body in motion. The lesson further includes a discussion on primary colours and how to mix primary colours to achieve secondary colours.
Before beginning this lesson, take your learners outside to observe each other “in action”. This will improve the accuracy of their drawings.
Download here.


General Guide to Basic Skills, Physical Education & Sport Coaching at the Primary Schools: Gr.1-3

This is a greater starter pack for PE in Foundation Phase. Included is:

  • Skills testing
  • Evaluation
  • Station skills
  • Lesson plans

Download here.


General Guide to Basic Skills, Physical Education & Sport Coaching at the Primary Schools: Gr. 4-7 Boys

This pack contains lesson plans and activities specifically for boys in Grades 4 to 7.  It includes:

  • Warm-up activities
  • Cricket skills
  • Swimming/water safety
  • Hand cricket
  • Swimming skills
  • Mini cricket
  • Enduro swim
  • Roll/air ball
  • Biathlon challenge
  • Rounders
  • Aquatics skills testing
  • Fitness evaluation

Download here.


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