Prepare your students for a successful examination term

Exams are around the corner for all of our students, so let’s not waste time getting them ready to write! 

We’ve gathered some revision assessments to help you out: 

Gr 4 Mathematics Test – Term 2

Maths revision is necessary for the youngest to the oldest age groups. If you don’t have time to put a full term 2 revision assessment together for your Gr 4’s, here’s one at your fingertips! The resource comes with a full memo.

Gr 6 Geography – Term 2 Trade

Help your students revise trading with these summaries in a Powerpoint (48 pages) and PDF (11 pages) format. The colourful illustrations make it the ideal visual aid for revision. 

The resources cover the topics: 

  • Why people trade
  • What people trade
  • Resources and their value
  • Fair trade
  • The human cost of unfair trade

Gr 7 English Language – Term 2 Test Paper

It’s important to build a solid English Language foundation for your students before they are faced with high school level examinations. This 70 mark term 2 question paper will prepare your Gr 7 learners in the topics of language, visual text, poetry and comprehension.

Mathematics Test – Term 1 Gr 9 

This fully editable Word document is adaptable for multiple usages as all equations, sketches, drawings and diagrams can be replaced and changed.

The assessment includes the CAPS topics: 

  • Whole numbers
  • Integers
  • Exponents
  • Number patterns

Business Studies Gr 10 – Term 1 Controlled Test

Term 2 exams cover both the term 1 and term 2 curricula. Revise term 1 with your Gr 10 students with this business studies controlled test. 

The resource comes with a memo and includes the topics: 

  • Business environments
  • Business sectors 
  • Interrelationships between the environments 
  • Business functions 

Gr 12 Physical Sciences – Term 2 Paper 1 & 2

Give your Gr 12’s these past papers to prepare them for their term 2 exams. With a full marking guideline and a summary of cognitive levels, this resource is the perfect practice exam. The Word document is editable for future use. 

The term 2 exams can be very stressful for your students if they don’t feel prepared. You can help them to prepare by providing the resources they need to build confidence before their exams.

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