Resources for FET Teachers

It can be a challenge finding good quality resources for high school students, specifically in the FET phase.
So, we’ve gathered our top FET resources into a collection below to give you students a boost in reading, writing, Mathematics, Science and more. These resources are downloadable and worksheets are printable – ready to be handed out to your class. They can also be used as extra worksheets for fast finishers, homework or reinforcement exercises.
Browse our choice selection below, or view all our FET resources on our website. We have almost 400 products for you to choose from! Enjoy ????

The Alliteration Game

This is a quick-thinking writing game that acts as a great starter to an English lesson, or any lesson. It is set out on PowerPoint slides for easy use and readability.
Download here.


The Eye Worksheet

This A4 worksheet covers the structure and functioning of the eye, including the pupil reflex and accommodation. Perfect for High School Biology.
Download here.


Gr. 10 Trigonometrie Werkblad

This one pager will guide students in discovering how trigonometry works. It is great to help learners understand the “why” behind trig, and not just learn a set of rules.
Download here.


Creative Writing: Transactional Texts

This pack will help students learn to write transactional texts. Included is a variety of examples, tips and fun activities for English First Additional Language Grades 10-12. This pack contains:

  • Friendly/informal letter
  • Letter to the press
  • Business letter
  • Curriculum vitae and covering letter

Download here.


Icon Challenge

This pack is a 15-day creative writing challenge using icons and short phrases as inspiration. It very cleverly combines visual literacy with creative writing. A certificate of completion is included as well.
Download here.


Gr. 11: Chemical Bonding (CAPS)

This pack includes an animated PowerPoint (20 slides) that can be used as a comprehensive teaching tool for Chemical Bonding. It includes:

  • Lewis diagrams
  • Cooper notation
  • Electronegativity
  • Bond types (pure covalent, polar covalent and ionic)
  • Molecular shapes
  • VSEPR theory
  • Bond energy
  • Bond length

Download here.


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