Resources that celebrate World Environment and Oceans Day

With World Environment and World Oceans Day just three days apart, it’s only fitting to prepare some tasks and activities that bring attention to both these world-friendly awareness days.

Here are some resources that celebrate our environment and the oceans that inhabit it: 

Gr 12 Life Sciences Worksheet of the Human Impact on the Environment

Teach your Gr 12 Life Sciences students about how their actions can affect the environment. If they are aware of this, they will have a better understanding of why they need to, and how they can protect it.

The Environment Unit Study – Printable Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans

Learning about the environment teaches us the importance of relationships between people, animals and the earth. Your learners have to understand this so they can understand how to protect these relationships. 

Environment and Society PowerPoint for Gr8

This 21-slide animated PowerPoint slide introduces Gr 8 learners to how society and our environment work together. Topics cover biodiversity, classification, variation, discrimination, environmental issues and adaptations with suitable examples.

Under-the-Sea-Themed Classroom Resources

This sweet under-the-sea classroom decor value-pack includes:

  • 26 alphabet letters 
  • Welcome banner 
  • 7 inspiring quotes 
  • 20 synonyms for creative writing 

Ocean Addition and Subtraction Cards

Get your students to practice addition and subtraction skills from a young age, using these 64 fun ocean-themed cards with learning activity suggestions, explanations, instructions for teaching, addition problems, subtraction problems, and more!

Sea Creatures Activities 

Use this incredibly cute under-the-sea-themed resource to teach your younger students how to use flashcards, shadow matching, identification, spelling and typing.

This variety of educational and inspiring resources will get your students excited about World Ocean Day, and bring some much-needed awareness to World Environment Day!

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