Resources to appreciate World Water Day

World Water Day has been held every year since 1993, to raise awareness of the estimated 2.2 billion people living without access to clean water. 

Let your students appreciate how privileged most of us are to have safe water at our fingertips, by using these fresh-water-themed resources: 

Weather Bundle 

Help your students understand weather and how the water cycle relates to it with this simple but informative resource! 

The bundle uses worksheets and weather instruments to explain cloud types, cloud facts and the whole water cycle. 

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Water in South Africa PowerPoint and PDF

This Gr4 Geography term 1 summary includes a 30-page PowerPoint presentation and 10-page PDF summary that explains all there is to know about the uses of water, water as a resource, how people get their water, and pollution and water waste. 

The stunning illustrations work well for class presentations and exam preparation!

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Ways to Save Water

Teach your Gr1 learners about water appreciation and how they can be responsible for saving water with this fun and colourful PowerPoint presentation! 

This resource highlights the importance of saving water in a simple way that even young students can understand.

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Lifeskills, Term 4: Uses of Water 

For children to understand why water wastage is irresponsible, they have to understand why we need water.

This resource is targeted towards Gr1 learners, and gives some great examples of why water is important in our day-to-day. 

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Natural Sciences: Purification of Water

Most children are oblivious to where their water comes from, and that many people don’t have the privilege of having pure drinking water. 

Use this resource to teach your Gr6 learners about water purification, and how lucky they are to have clean drinking water available to them.

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Water Pollution Worksheets

Water pollution is the result of uneducated people who don’t understand the importance of keeping our water safe. 

This resource will give your Gr6 students the insight they need to look after their water for the future!

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We are raising the next generation, and therefore have a major impact on the future of our world’s sustainability. Use these resources to influence the way your students think about water, and ensure they realise the necessity of looking after it! 

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