Resources to Develop Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is one of the most important skills a child needs for life beyond school. Students need to learn how to examine, question, evaluate and challenge information in order to grasp problem-solving and come up with effective solutions. 

Here are some resources that will help your learners develop these very necessary thinking skills: 

Thinking Maps – Flow Maps

A flow map is one of the most effective tools to teach sequential thinking. 

This affordable package includes 3 activities and templates to introduce your students to this handy tool.

Thinking Skills

This resource is suitable for all FET learners and teaches them both about Life Sciences and critical thinking. 

Teach your students how to apply their knowledge with this assessment tool and an in-depth memo.

Fast Thinking, Talking, Writing and Reading Game 

This worksheet, accompanied by a video, teaches learners how to think independently and come up with solutions on their own. 

Sudoku – Farm

Teach your young learners the foundation of logical thinking with this fun farm-animal-themed Sudoku game.  

The resource includes 7 unique Sudoku puzzles and colourful farm animal images that are sure to keep your students entertained! 

Domino Cards – Sweets 

These 27 sweet-treats-themed Domino cards combine fun and games with education! 

Every child loves sugar, so why not use it to your advantage? 

Thinking Hats – Red Hat Activities 

Develop your students’ thinking skills and emotional maturity with these cognitive activities.

The resource is backed up by a video, making your lesson reachable to all kinds of learners. 

Growing independent thinking within your learners cannot be done over just a couple of lessons and then forgotten. Consistently re-establish these tools throughout your lessons to ensure your students are developing these critical thinking skills.

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