Resources to Send Home

Schools are scheduled to break up on the 23rd of October, and I’m sure you are as pumped as we are! Encourage your learners to keep using their brains while they’re home with these super fun activities and exercises:

ECD Activity Book 2


This ECD (Early Childhood Development) activity book is a great resource to send home with the younger learners. 

The 10 activities included will not only keep children busy during the school holiday, but will also keep their minds active with skill and knowledge enhancing exercises. 

The workbook activities include: colour matching, shape matching puzzles and exercises, fruit and vegetable categorisation, ordering, sea animal matching, and exercises to learn about body parts and counting. 

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Number Ad(d)venture 2

Maths doesn’t have to be boring! Combine pictures and coulouring exercises to get your Grade 3s and 4s hyped to get calculating.

Send your students home with these 30 fun activity pages so they can keep practising their mathematics in the form of games. It’s also available in Afrikaans – super handy! 

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WackyNix Plants and Seeds 

Spring is here and now is the perfect time to get gardening. 

Challenge your learners to go home and plant some seeds over the holiday. This resource will teach them the basics of why we need plants and how they grow. Check in on the progress before the end of year holiday. 

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Phonics Phase 1 Workbook

Your Grade Rs and 1s won’t run out of things to keep themselves busy with 98 pages of fun activities to sharpen their brains during the school break. 

The book workbook includes cut and paste activities; and takes your learners through vowels and consonants, as well as beginning, middle and end sounds. 

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Nuwe Afrikaans Stories en Klanke 

Encourage your students to practise their Afrikaans reading skills when they have free time. 

This resource comes with 8 original Afrikaans stories and flashcards that introduce 10 new middle sounds. It is suitable for either Grade 3 first additional language or Grade 2 home language. 

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Education doesn’t have to feel like a chore to children. If you combine it with activities that might interest them, you won’t struggle to get them excited about learning. These resources are designed to spark the desire to learn.

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