Resources to Support Grammar

Grammar is important. It has become especially important to teach grammar to a generation that thinks “Hey, wot R U ^ 2 DIS wknd. cht l8r” is a perfectly good sentence! Grammar lessons have the potential to cause your learners to roll their eyes and let out a painful sigh. So, when next you are confronted with this oh-my-gosh-not-grammar-again attitude, remind your learners of these 3 little facts:

  1. Poor grammar could have you labelled as ignorant. Someone who texts “Your being an idiot” has lost all validity and definitely lost the argument.
  2. Employers check the social media accounts of all potential employees, if the grammar mistakes in the CVs have not already put them off.
  3. Grammar is foundational to any language – no grammar and we all sound like crazy people.

Have a look through our resources to support your lessons and get your learners excited about grammar.

Common Nouns: Gr 4-7

This product is perfect for teachers to print, discuss common nouns, and hand out the worksheets for students to complete. The worksheets are fully illustrated and fun to use.
Download here.

Brush Up on Our Capital Letters: 9-14 Years

The pages of this work pack are quick and easy to work through, so the child will learn fast and easily remember the skills taught. Each pack includes a lesson plan, with structured exercises, and answer sheets.
Download here.

Past and Present Tense

This is a fun worksheet made according to CAPS for the foundation phase.
Download here.

Horace Visits a Roman Town: 7-11 Years

A series guaranteed to stretch the imagination. It challenges even fluent readers with new vocabulary and gives your learners practice in exercises featuring grammar, punctuation, spelling and basic comprehension. The text is illustrated throughout with bold, dynamic, cartoon-style illustrations that will capture the child’s imagination.
Download here.

Meervoude en Verkleining: Gr 5

This is a simple activity on the basic rules of multiples and reductions. The document is typed in MS Word so it is fully editable.
Download here.

Active and Passive Voice

This resource consists of 18 pages of active and passive voice activities and explains the rules in the easiest way. Complete with activities and answers.
Download here.


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