Schools: Here’s How This Book Publisher Shortens Lesson Prep Time

We know how time-consuming it can be for teachers to prepare lessons. We also recognize the continuous need for additional photocopying and separate workbooks.

We chatted to top-rated publishing company, Allcopy Publishers, who explain how their services target these (and more) pain points and aim to make life easier for your educators. Read on to see how they can help you and the teachers at your school.

Q1) How do you minimize teacher’s lesson prep time and their need for additional photocopying and workbooks?

We are able to print our publications in-house. Printing on demand allows our publications to remain up-to-date according to Education Department requirements.

All our publications are written by highly-qualified, experienced educator-authors. Most publications are written in textbook/workbook format which minimises the educator’s preparation time and eliminates the need for additional photocopying and separate workbooks.

Q2) What sets you apart from other book publishers?

We have long-standing, dedicated, highly-qualified and very efficient representatives in all the major urban areas. Our representatives have built strong relationships with each of their schools and pride themselves on delivering quick and quality customer service to every school they come in contact with. We ensure teachers are always up to date with the latest publications so they can make an informed decision when choosing which book to use. Knowing the value of our product, our team is able to communicate this effectively to each educator they meet with. We ensure all queries are handled within a reasonable time and encourage customers to rate our reps’ services, which keeps them on their toes.

Q3) Tell us more about your popular Mind Action Series

Our motto is “With the Educators for The Educators”. Our publications, the Mind Action Series, are written by Educators who are highly-respected and have vast experience in their specialist fields. The Mind Action Series aims to guide South African learners effectively by focusing on and encouraging understanding as ‘Memory depends on understanding’. We host author workshops during the year, featuring our lead authors as facilitators in aim to continue to support educators. Furthermore, educators can join us on our Membership platform “Mind Action Space” which offers training resources, videos and downloadable templates. Click here to join:

Q4) Tell us about the training you offer schools

We collaborate nationally with our authors to offer free workshops on various subjects. Our authors carefully select known topics which are both problematic in the classroom and relevant. Our Mathematics Workshops are SACE approved, which enables educators to earn points. We collaborate with various Education Departments and facilitate workshops to train their educators.

If you would like to get in touch with Allcopy Publishers, here’s howWe, as SchoolAdvisor, are very impressed with the feedback received from schools who have attended Allcopy’s Mind Action Series workshops and those who’ve made use of their publishing services. Connect with the All Copy Publisher’s team by checking out their website ( or emailing Roselle on

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