Science Resources

Our world truly is a wonderful and intriguing place and it is science that unpacks it for us. Here are some fun facts that perhaps not every teacher is aware of, courtesy of Reader’s Digest:
• There are more trees on earth than stars in our galaxy
• There is only one letter that is missing from the periodic table. Do you know which one?
• About half our body is made up of bacteria. Yikes!
• Bananas are radioactive – but quite safe to eat????
Science is all around us and children are naturally curious to find out about their world. This makes it an ideal subject to teach from a very early age. It develops problem-solving and critical-thinking skills which will put them in good stead for their entire lives.
We have many great resources for you to use in the classroom. Take a look and get your learners excited about science.

Gravity and Orbits

This is a bundle of 18 informative articles with questions around the topic of gravity and orbits, including the sun and satellites. There are also 30 A4 posters of famous scientists to put up in your classroom.
Download here.

Plant Tissue

Learn all about the structure and function of all plant tissue in this 43-slide PowerPoint presentation. The discussion includes epidermis, parenchyma, collenchyma, sclerenchyma, xylem, phloem and meristematic tissue.
Download here.

Life Cycle of a Bird

This product consists of an 11-page printable file depicting the 6 stages of the bird life cycle. Each stage has an image card with the label attached, an image card with the label detached and a description card for the teacher. There is also an A3 poster.
Download here.

Voedselen Boerdery in Suid Afrika

This product covers topics such as:
• People and food
• Types of farms
• Crop and livestock farming
• Unprocessed and processed foods
Download here.

Animal Sounds

Teach your young learners animal sounds with this interactive PowerPoint lesson of 46 slides. There are also some unusual and unfamiliar animals included.
Download here.

How is the Weather?

This is a great resource to teach early literacy and science skills. It includes information about the different weather conditions, as well as words, symbols, pictures, photos, sentences, sight words, adjectives and opposites, related to weather.
Download here.

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