South Africa – Our Land

We live in a great country! I mean who can live without biltong, mielie pap, curry or a lekker weekend braai?! Where else can you find such diversity of culture and incredible beaches and landscapes? Not to mention all the exquisite fauna and flora. We have it all and that’s why it is such a popular tourist destination.
With all the bad press that our country receives, it is so important to instil in our children a love and respect for our land and her people. We are certainly not short of things to love and boast about so why not ask your learners what they love about SA and make a big brag poster for your wall to remind you all of the greatness of our country.
Browse through the resources below that are all aimed at creating fun and engaging lessons in which we enjoy South Africa.
Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika! God bless Africa!

Proudly South African

This pack describes all things South African including our national anthem. It is in a PowerPoint format.
Download here.

Famous South African Oral

This resource is the prep required for learners to research and present an oral on a famous South African person. It also includes a mind map template to assist with the planning of their oral.
Download here.

Water in South Africa: Gr 4

This is a great resource to use to make the topic of water more interesting. It consists of 87 slides explaining:

  • Uses of water
  • Water as a resource
  • How people get their water
  • Pollution and waste water

Download here.

South African Theatre

This resource tackles the history, terminology, performance spaces and important playwrights of South African Theatre.
Download here.

South African Posters

These are great posters to brighten up your walls and teach about South Africa. Included is:

  • Map of South Africa
  • The president
  • National Anthem
  • National Symbols
  • Flag
  • Coat of Arms
  • National flowers, tree, bird, animal, fish
  • Official Languages
  • Money

Download here.

Food and Farming in South Africa: Gr 4

This is really a comprehensive 118 slide presentation on food and farming in RSA. It will be very useful to aid the learners in learning and remembering the information presented. There are also activity sheets included. So, make this subject come alive and have fun.
Download here.

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