Spring-Themed Resources

I’m sure we are all pretty thrilled that spring is finally here! The flowers are blooming and we are so ready for some sun. To lighten the mood, we are sharing some of our favourite spring-themed resources that your students are going to love just as much as we do!

Have a browse:

Seasons: Spring Activities

Here are 40 pages of fun spring-themed activities that will help little ones understand spring while teaching them how to write, draw, add, subtract, count and use colour. 

Download here 

Spring Brain Breaks (Brain Gym) 

This resource includes 36 quick spring-themed activities. They’re perfect to warm up your class before you start your lesson, to give them a quick ‘refocus’ break, or just to get them a little active in between all the sitting and listening. 

Download here 

Spring Writing Prompts & Paper  

Teach your learners how to write sentences and use their imagination with these 5 spring-themed writing prompts and lined paper. 

Download here 

Insekta Bewegings Kaarte Speletjie 

These 16 Afrikaans flashcards use insects to teach children motor skills while playing a game. They come on 4x A4 downloadable pages with 4 cards on each, and are just adorable! 

Download here 

Preschool Garden Pack 

Teach your little ones the basics with this lovely garden-themed preschool pack that’s perfect for spring! It includes:

  • a memory game
  • a cutting practice activity
  • a matching pairs activity 
  • an I-spy game
  • a craft stick puzzle 1-10 (colour and black and white)
  • planting flowers
  • and fine motor skills practice (black and white). 

Download here

Cactus Weather Chart Classroom

Teach your students all about the seasons and their weather patterns with this super cute A3 weather poster. Cut out and laminate the headings (days of the week, seasons, weather) so you can alternate them every day. 

Download here

WackyNix Garden Class Decor

The WackyNix editable class decor pack is perfect for bringing some life back into your classroom this spring. It includes the following: 

  • door poster
  • subject posters
  • flags
  • numbers 1 – 20
  • class captain badge
  • messenger badge
  • hall pass
  • alphabet
  • days of the week
  • months of the year
  • group numbers
  • colours
  • shapes
  • welcome banner

Download here 

Remember that you can upload your own resources to https://teachingresources.co.za/ for other teachers to use, and of course the extra cash doesn’t hurt.????

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