The Impact of the Teachers We Remember

Why is it that we remember some teachers and their wisdom so clearly, and others not at all? Was it their teaching style? Or the subject they taught? How long they taught us for? What made them so great?

In this short and inspiring Ted Talk, Dr Julie Hasson shares her research into the impact of “The Teachers We Remember”.  In her engaging talk, Dr Hasson details the experiences of students with teachers who made an impact in their lives, and shares techniques that all teachers can utilise to have a greater, more positive impact on students.

So, why do we remember certain teachers for the rest of our lives? Dr Hasson reveals that we don’t remember being taught, rather we remember being transformed. We remember the teachers that facilitated our growth and transformation over the years, not a single lesson in a classroom. Although teachers all have different teaching styles, passions, and life experiences, memorable teachers have one thing in common: they are intentional about the impact they want to create.

These teachers have a long-term vision and don’t get caught up in the small day-to-day stuff. They accept their students for who they are, and help them see their vision of who they could become when they leave school.

Dr Hasson’s research showed three main techniques:

  1. The ways that teachers change students’ hearts
  2. The ways that teachers change students’ minds
  3. And the ways that teachers change students’ lives

Find out what exactly these teachers do in each technique, and how you can make a positive impact in a student and be remembered.

Watch the talk below:

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