Valentine’s Day School Activities

The month of love is here! No matter how old your students are, Valentine’s Day is always a big topic of discussion. Here are some ideas on how to take advantage of Valentine’s Day at school!

Fun Valentine’s Day activities for the classroom

Chocolates for everyone!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Bring some for your class or colleagues, and you’re sure to win a few hearts! You could also bake brownies or make fudge – just be sure that you’re aware of any allergies your students or colleagues may have.

Class activities

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Of course, the school day can’t just be chocolates and roses! Here are a few fun Valentine’s Day activities you can download for free or purchase from our resources page:

This product includes 11 Valentine’s Day themed Mathematics worksheets. The more difficult sheets can be given to Grade 4 learners.

These themed worksheets are in English and Afrikaans, and are totally free to download.

There are 10 mats all following a Valentine’s Day theme. Each mat has some simple instructions which ask the students to create something from playdough.

The history behind Valentine’s Day

For older students, you could set a research task on the origin of Valentine’s Day. Assign this task to students in advance; they can then present their findings on Valentine’s Day. This way you’re assessing their research and presentation skills on something fun!

Movie day

Everyone loves movie day, including teachers! There is plenty age appropriate romance or romcom movie options for you to choose from. At the end of the movie you can have a class discussion on the genre, the movie’s characters and their behaviour, and other themes.

Genre study

What is your class currently reading? Is there any romance involved? If there is, you could apply the same idea as above and have a discussion on how successfully (or unsuccessfully) the narrator depicts romance. If the material your class is currently reading is far from romance – say, Lord of the Flies – ask them to rewrite and edit a passage so that it reads like a romance or romcom. This is a great way to explore how tone, language choice, and writing style can affect genre.

Make fortune tellers!

Quack quacks, fortune-tellers, cootie-catchers – whatever your students call them, you can bet they know how to make them! If not, here’s a handy guide on how to fold one. Split your class into groups and allow them to write different predictions into their quack quacks (“your crush has green eyes”, “you will marry Alex”, and so forth). Then each student has a turn to have their fortune read! If you have enough time, you could also turn this activity into a lesson on probability. Let the fun commence!

Happy Valentine’s Day, teachers! ????

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